Introducing GroupPay

Let your customers Split Payments

Increase your Bookings

Manage your offline and online bookings, and easily keep tabs on activities booked in.

Get Waivers Signed

Get customers to sign their waivers prior to arrival meaning you have less headaches.

Split Customer Payments

Customers can split their payments with their friends before they come. Make your customers happy.

The biggest request of your customers is the ability to split payments

Out of the box, Activitour Group Pay lets your customers invite their friends to split the payments. Convenient, easy and all part of the activitour experience.

Since our founding we have worked tirelessly with a wide range of providers to offer our guests the best experiences available, right from booking to checking out with their friends.

Booking and Payments Done Properly

Your systems treat the purchase with the same simplicity of a single-payer purchase and only take inventory off the market when full payment is received.

Accept any currency

Whether your transactions are in Euros, U.S. dollars, Yen, or any currency worldwide, Our integration with Stripe has you covered so you can accept money no matter where your business is based. You can specify the currency for each purchase based on the customer’s preference, too.

Smart messages

Automated, and simple messages throughout the process eliminate the coordination headaches group leaders typically experience. Meaning your customers can spend more time focusing on the event than worrying about how to pay.