Introducing Reach

Grow your Business and Sell More with other providers

Connect with Providers

Easily connect with other providers on the Activitour platform. Choose what other providers can sell.

Message Customers

Easily contact customers on the Acti-Message board. Customers can keep in touch with you and get all the information they need.

Earn Commission

All providers can earn commission for reselling other providers inventory. You can make bookings on the fly or you can add them to your offering. Offer the best tourism product available.

The best way to get sales online.

Take your business’ online distribution to the next level and grow your bookings with our real-time channel manager. Easy and efficient, it lets you manage rates and inventory – anytime, anywhere – always making informed decisions.

You can invite businesses to sell your inventory, You can choose what they sell.
Whatever they sell, Activitour automatically collects the payment and sends it straight to your account.

No more chasing businesses for bookings. All bookings are live, no more double bookings or disappointed customers.

Grow the Best Tourism Product Available.

When your customer arrives, their tourism experience is only beginning. They ask questions and want the nitty gritty details. Activitour allows you to give them the information they need and for you to make the bookings right then and there.

Happy customer = More Customers.

Concierge Service

Whether you run a bed and breakfast or a Segway Tour company. You can now earn from your local knowledge, you can take more bookings on the fly or you can book extra accommodation or another activity with a local provider. Making you faster and your customer happier. be the ultimate concierge.

Earn Commission

A potential customer has arrived and you’re overbooked. You spend several minutes on the phone chasing other providers to provide an alternative service. With Activitour reach you can take bookings and earn commission. Simply and Quickly, no more messing. Just a simple but extremely powerful feature of the Activitour Platform.

Easily allow any business on Activitour to sell your inventory

Our integrated reseller system means you can easily resell any other activitour users inventory for a share of commission, ultimately improving your offering.